Once you’ve selected robust and stylish outdoor furniture it’s important to give it the best chance of staying in excellent condition. Most high-quality furniture will need only a wipe down occasionally, but with wood, you’ll need to stain or oil it regularly to avoid it greying off.
Low-quality furniture will need to be regularly cleaned and maintained but investing in high-quality furniture pays off when it comes to maintenance because the use of quality materials, premium fabrics and marine grade foam means the materials take care of the maintenance for you.
Keeping your Lounge Around outdoor Furniture looking great is easy!

Clean with a wet cloth or garden hose

Wipe down with a wet cloth/sponge. Spot clean with water and a little dish liquid.

The covers can be machine or hand washed in cold water with your regular laundry detergent. Take extra care removing covers as they are a snug fit.

Do not use any bleaching products or harsh chemicals. Even ‘natural’ cleaning products rely heavily on citrus, which is very acidic and not recommended for this fabric.

Vacuum as required.

Spot clean with water and a little dish liquid.

Can be hosed and lay flat or hung to dry.

Do not use any bleaching products or harsh chemicals.

As concrete is a natural product, each concrete seat or table top will dry differently depending on the environment it is placed in.

We recommend the use of a concrete wax to maintain the surface and reduce the absorption of spills, particularly coloured liquid such as red wine or beetroot juice, curry etc.

As with all concrete, concrete bench and table tops can develop hairline cracks. If the concrete does crack, it is generally non-structural and caused by the natural shrinkage of the concrete. Hairline cracks or minor imperfections help to give that industrial concrete look and add to the character of the bench or table top. Many small chips or ‘dings’ can be fixed up with our concrete repair kit.