Bio Ethanol FAQ'S

What is the Bio Ethanol fuel?
Bioethanol is an environmentally clean product of plant origin. It is made by fermentation from grains rich in sugar or starch, for example, wheat, sorghum, etc.

How long does it burn?
Our bioethanol fireplaces burn approximately 0.3L per hour so a 1.5L burner will burn for about 5 hours.

Is smoke emitted during burning?
No, bioethanol  burns completely and cleanly without leaving behind any unpleasant odours, smoke or soot. During the burning process, steam and CO2 (Carbon Dioxide) remain in the air in proportions similar to those contained in the air exhaled by human breath. No undesired side-effects such as smoke, ash or solid remains after the burning process.

What is a bioethanol fireplace?
These are innovative alternatives to the traditional fireplaces like wood, gas or electric. These fireplaces are powered by the bio ethanol fuel and are far easier to install and use. They also require no gas connection or chimney for a super easy installation, they produce no ash or toxic fumes and they are 100% heat efficient. That makes them super versatile to use and capable of being used literally anywhere.

What are the emissions involved?
The emissions given off by bio ethanol fuel is almost completely comprised of CO2 (carbon dioxide) and water vapor. The amount of the CO2 emission that comes from an ethanol flame is comparable to that of two medium-sized candles which is very little.

Is a flue needed to use a bio ethanol fire?
Generally speaking, no. Bio fireplaces run on bio ethanol fuel. It burns cleanly and produces only heat, carbon dioxide and vapor. Because of the clean combustion process as well as the fact that there are no toxic fumes, you won’t need a flue.

Will a bio ethanol fire heat an entire room?
Your typical bio ethanol fireplaces will be burning at about 2-2.5 kWh of heat in each room. Bio Ethanol fireplaces aren’t made for primary heating purposes. Regardless, whenever you use the fireplace, you will get a pleasant and delightfully warming experience. Our 1.5L burner will heat an average room of 20 - 30 m2.